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You know that person who seems gifted in every activity they try?

It’s not really natural talent, we probably trained them.

Stop drawing stick figures and recognize what’s possible.

Welcome to Jack of All Skills.

How It Works


You Join

We send over your training materials as soon as our class starts. We set a goal and curriculum to learn a new skill in 60 days.


The Community Learns

With video lessons, readings and hands-on learning, our awesome community helps each other improve.


Demonstrate and advance

After we prove our new talents, we move on to the next skill. Pause or skip skills as needed. Simple.

We take the guesswork out of growth.
“Received my first Jack of All Skills box. Fantastic stuff. Well done. Bold is a winner and to be honest there are no losers in the box.

Keep it up!”Shane B.

Smarter learning, All Backed by Science.


Vocal training isn't just great for those odd times out at a karaoke bar. Taking command of your voice will greatly improve your confidence on phone calls, meetings and presentations.

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Building foundational strength will improve your physical health and increase your mobility. The best part? Barbells don't have to be scary. We've found the way to make it approachable.

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Coding Basics

Deepening your technical knowledge will improve your career trajectory no matter the industry. We will show you the basics of web development so you can 'get' code.

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[stripe name=”Jack of All Skills” description=”Class Reservation” amount=”4900″ payment_button_label=”Reserve my spot”][stripe_text label=”Your Name:” id=”full_name” required=”true”] [stripe_dropdown label=”What skill would you like most?” options=”speed read,
code an app from scratch,
run a 5-minute mile,
dance like a pro,
sing (well) at an open mic night,
shoot under par playing 18 holes,
build a piece of furniture,
speak Spanish,
hit three-point shots in basketball,
play guitar in front of my friends,
all of the above,
something way cooler than the above,” default=”run a 5-minute mile” required=”true”] [/stripe]


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